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20th Nov 2014, 12:54 PM in Chapter One
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Page 006
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Author Notes:

James L Sarandis 6th Jan 2016, 12:54 PM edit delete
James L Sarandis
This was actually drawn by Nick way back in 2011 but it was not inked by him until 2015. It had managed to get lost so the page that would eventually become page 001 replaced it. Later I happened to come across it so when we began work to revamp the project it got added back in.

So it's 2016 and this is the first post of a new year so we decided to share these updates with you:

1. We will no longer be doing partial page updates.

2. We will be updating 2 whole page updates a month. This will be cutting down our buffer considerably, but things went well last year so hopefully we will be able to keep the pace.

3. We will keep working to move the concept art and pilot pages over to the fan site Eye (Fan)d Voice to help this site be as clean as possible.

Thank you all of our followers. We hope to give you the content you deserve. Much love to you.


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chris-tar 6th Jan 2016, 5:18 PM edit delete reply
You know. I really want this pigeon guy to get what is coming to him. He has no redeemable qualities.
Squash him hand! Squash him like a zit!!!
James L Sarandis 10th Jan 2016, 2:45 PM edit delete reply
James L Sarandis
He'll get his his eventually, no worries.